Akam & Wilcox is a global digital commerce service partner.
We help companies project, build and operate commerce solutions that increase revenue and reduce costs.

We listen first and speak second

When you work with Akam&Wilcox, we balance your input and needs with our insight and experience  to plan and deliver an effective, sales-driving commerce experience. We develop long-term phased approaches with a clear beginning and strategic endpoint, so your thinking can evolve with the marketplace and its supporting technologies.

We choose the right way for our clients

The battle today is eCommerce vs. retail: a power shift to consumer sovereignty. Akam & Wilcox don’t sells products, solves problems.  So while we partner with some of the leading commerce platforms in the world, our priority is to always deliver the technology that best supports your unique business.

We work with all sides of your business

Akam&Wilcox is a new breed of digital partner designed to fill the gap between a Systems Integrator and a Digital Agency.  Not only do we understand the intricacies of technology, we also understand branding, design and customer experience. We know it’s important that your marketing, IT and eCommerce teams are in-synch, and that they’ll each have their own requirements.